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ZipCodes  and MLS map codes of Las Vegas

Zipcodes defines the area that you are interested in on a much smaller scale than MLS area codes. So if you provide us with a zipcode where you want your homes or investment to be, it will be closer to your desired location.

MLS Area map codes are a combination of zipcode in a certain area, like northwest, southwest, etc, so if you are looking over a wide area, then, MLS area map codes will provide you with a bigger pool of potential homes and investments.


Below is the Las Vegas zipcode Map.

if you click on the picture, it will give you a pdf file that you can download and print for your reference.

Las Vegas zipodes

Below is the MLS area map codes.

You can also search using Glvar’s area codes, and again, click on picture for a pdf file download for your reference

las vegas MLS area code maps