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Chinatown in Las Vegas

Asian Culture is alive and well in Chinatown Las Vegas, you will find virtually all the asian foods here, from all styles of chinese food, thai, vietnamese, japanese, malaysian, indian, and the list goes on and on, there’s Huge Asian Grocery stores here as well if you are into cooking for yourself.  Asian Home decorations, eye doctor, medical doctor, herbal medicine, etc,etc. It is a centralized hub for asian and asian culture lovers living in Las Vegas.  And it’s location is fantastic, Las Vegas Chinatown is only 5 mins from the strip, right across the 15 freeway from Treasure Island Casino. This surrounding area is considered to be the center of chinatown and it spread westward and north and south from there. There are many condos here, as well as some houses here. Most of the homes here are older that the new developments up in summerlin or Henderson, but there no way you can beat the location on Chinatown Las Vegas.

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Chinatown area (zip 89102, 89103)- $50,000 – $100,000 Condos/houses
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Chinatown area (zip 89102, 89013)- $200,000 – $300,000 single family homes
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On the map below, the red dot is the famous chinatown plaza in Las vegas,
you can click and hold the little man on upper left hand corner,
then drag little man to the red dot, now you can see what Chinatown in Las
Vegas looks like and you can even “drive” yourself around that area!

Chinatown Population Numbers and Statistic from US govt